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An Unusual Cosplay Combination by ILuffJooKiDei An Unusual Cosplay Combination :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 2 0 Anime North 2013 Fai Flourite by ILuffJooKiDei Anime North 2013 Fai Flourite :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 5 3 Can't Always Be Smiles by ILuffJooKiDei Can't Always Be Smiles :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 0 0 Fai D. Flourite Cosplay by ILuffJooKiDei Fai D. Flourite Cosplay :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 1 0 The Cutest Hero by ILuffJooKiDei The Cutest Hero :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 6 6 Anthony Green Unfinished by ILuffJooKiDei Anthony Green Unfinished :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 2 6 Silk Screen Circa Survive t-shirt by ILuffJooKiDei Silk Screen Circa Survive t-shirt :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 2 1 Watercolor Practice by ILuffJooKiDei Watercolor Practice :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 3 2 I benefit from Zellers shutting down by ILuffJooKiDei I benefit from Zellers shutting down :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 0 0 ALAS THE ENCHIRIDION by ILuffJooKiDei ALAS THE ENCHIRIDION :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 0 3 Fionna Cosplay by ILuffJooKiDei Fionna Cosplay :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 1 0 Finished Painting by ILuffJooKiDei Finished Painting :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 7 2 Getting There by ILuffJooKiDei Getting There :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 0 5 We're All Mad Here by ILuffJooKiDei We're All Mad Here :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 8 0 Why So Obsessed by ILuffJooKiDei Why So Obsessed :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 2 2 Super Overdue Oil Painting by ILuffJooKiDei Super Overdue Oil Painting :iconiluffjookidei:ILuffJooKiDei 4 3


My Teacher-K2 by giobobobo My Teacher-K2 :icongiobobobo:giobobobo 454 23
Those Nights: Epilogue Ghiralink
I really couldn't tell you how long I had stayed after the night we finally held our first conversation with one another. I spent a long time after that night trying to find any solution to everything to make both the Skyloftians and demons happy and able to live with each other on the surface, but with the revival of someone as evil and heartless as Demise it was simply impossible. I don't know why Ghirahim was so bent on bringing him back anyway; he even seemed flabbergasted when Demise cast him aside like a piece of trash that fateful day. There was no way to remedy any of it really and guilt still floods my heart this very moment just contemplating how everything came to an abrupt end for us, and him. Let me start from the beginning though, I digress.
The night we were able to talk about the situation as it stood in honesty with each other I told Ghirahim that I needed release to fulfill my destiny as the Goddess's chosen hero. He didn't disagree with me for a moment, and I really
:iconaln132:aln132 95 153
Pg42 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect by Hootsweets Pg42 I Never Said You Had To Be Perfect :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 4,985 882 On Letting Go (again... school project) by RachieK On Letting Go (again... school project) :iconrachiek:RachieK 7 11 Anthony Green by syntheticanimals Anthony Green :iconsyntheticanimals:syntheticanimals 2 3 Gasp by kyuuketsukikun1 Gasp :iconkyuuketsukikun1:kyuuketsukikun1 1 0 ~In the middle of nowhere~ by LittleSymphonie ~In the middle of nowhere~ :iconlittlesymphonie:LittleSymphonie 4 4 [TRC] - The Wizard of Celes. by CelesianFaerie [TRC] - The Wizard of Celes. :iconcelesianfaerie:CelesianFaerie 72 29 358/2 days by christon-clivef 358/2 days :iconchriston-clivef:christon-clivef 906 124 Duel Stance by MrLipschutz Duel Stance :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 3,521 168 Trinity by MrLipschutz Trinity :iconmrlipschutz:MrLipschutz 3,024 116 Fay D. Flourite by ChiakiMori Fay D. Flourite :iconchiakimori:ChiakiMori 66 10 KH - Broken memories by Cataclysm-X KH - Broken memories :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 13,163 2,247 sora by deedeedee123 sora :icondeedeedee123:deedeedee123 4,969 1,192
The Lion's Catch
This contains yaoi/bl/slash/shonen-ai/blahblahblah. Takes place in Another Day in TWEWY, so people might seem...I dunno. Wierd. This is the underdog pairing, so I hope you like!
Neku eeped when he went into the Miyashita Park underpass.  There, leaning against the wall, was tall, dark man, who looked like a ruffian, to say the least. A black trench coat, extremely distressed black jeans, a bright red bandana, black boots, and a black hat. Not to mention odd whisker-like marks and creepy golden eyes that seemed to glow in the poor lighting.
“…” The man stared at the skinny teen.
Whoa! Neku thought, surprised. Get a load at that thug! He looked down, avoiding the others unwavering gaze. He looks ready to grab my wallet…or worse! He looked in the opposite direction of the mysterious man. He looked about 20 or so. Don’t make eye contact…
“My, my,” the man grinned. “What a lovely lone kitten. Don’t you k
:iconhylian-dragoness:hylian-dragoness 40 38
Dumbo got into the Bath Salts Again! by XxParanoidAndroidxX Dumbo got into the Bath Salts Again! :iconxxparanoidandroidxx:XxParanoidAndroidxX 9 2



  • Listening to: Pillip Pillips
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I recently bought the Adventure Time DS game for my 3DS. "Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!" It was collectors edition and it came with a metal tin Enchiridion along with Finn's sword as a stylus. It's super cute, and so is the game!

I also just got a new laptop (thank you parents) and can't stop taking webcam photo's. My old laptop's webcam broke a long, long time it's super fun. On the downside my old laptop crashed and I lost everything (all my doujinshi's :( waah) and now I have to start "New". That old one held practically 4 years of my LIFE, so boo!

I just wanted to write about random stuff to replace my old journal, because it was a downer. Not like anyone actually reads these....
So I guess it's time for bed. I'm walking to school tomorrow I'll try my hardest to actually go...


ILuffJooKiDei's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Time for an update: Name is Kiana and I'm going in to grade 12 (Scary, I'm so old-not even close-) Visual Art Major. I love painting portraits in acrylic. I love pen and ink, water colour (though I'm no good) and digital art (I'm new at it).

I enjoy many things, such as well art<3 manga/anime, SOUTH PARRRRK<3333 Adventure Time, Alice in Wonderland (Imma Wondernerd?), TWEWY, Kingdom Hearts, writing, reading..(fanfics) I'm also a huge Death Note and Naruto fan...along with Zac Effron, it works out for ME you see because if he's casted as Light in the Amercian live action Death Note remake,BONUS! My favorite things packed together in one ULTRA MOVIE maybe they could add some ninja's, a Gantz machine. Some Noise, a curious girl who follows a silly Rabbit wearing a waistcoat that always seems to be late... a grinning cat, a crazy hatter, and a mad hare... a kid wearing an orange parka who dies everyday, annd a towel who likes to get high. Maybe I should be a script writer instead..and a director. Because I know that movie would BLOW YOUR MINDS. ;)

Did I get off topic? I think I pretty much covered the basics and then some.

Music (Y) Well I love Alternative, Punk, I'm having troubles with genres,Christian Rock, Pop..naaa, well lets just say I love all sorts of genres. My all time favourite band is Circa Survive! I also love Emarosa, and I'm obsessed with the Album The Hearts Of Lonely people by Isles and Glaciers, along with Anthony Green Beautiful things. I play them none stop...
I have stuck with the same artists for a while now, because they're what I'm used to (I'm not good with change). Some of those artists are, Circa Survive, Emarosa, Michael Jackson, Relient K, The Used, Three Days Grace, Eminem, Esacape the Fate, and many more. :)
Please enjoy my art! xoxo :D

Favourite genre of music: Alternative,
Favourite style of art: Traditional, Paper and pencil.
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch, my baby 83
Favourite cartoon character: Butters/ Marjorine!<33


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